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VR Mindfulness Rumination and Distraction Thesis

Critical Design

This project came out of a senior thesis project for the RPI Design Innovation and Society Senior Thesis class.

Critical Design Prompt

The initial prompt was to:

create a critical design artefact that changed people's perception of a certain issue.

Higher Perspectives VR explores the intersection of virtual reality, mindfulness, and perception. The critical design addresses a “double bind”; we don’t have enough time to relax because technology is everywhere, yet a technological “fix” is presented anyways.

Instead of fighting the technological trend, Higher Perspectives VR aims to provide the opportunity, when none other exists, to use technology to regain mental and overall health and wellbeing.


Higher Perspectives VR combines the concept of mindfulness/meditation and modern day technology trends into a product that will truly help people achieve higher perspectives.

Drone Outer Body Meditation In VR - an image of hovering over one's own body.
Initial sketch of idea during brainstorming phase

I'm actively seeking collaboration with this project to bring it to the next level! Contact me to be involved.
This project was completed in it's current form.
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