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Software Development

Many users describe Trove as a combination between a social connection platform like Reddit and a collaborative knowledge management tool like Wikipedia. On the surface this is an apt description, but for the real power users it’s so much more.  Trove has found success in making it easy for groups to collaboratively catalog knowledge, opportunities, and resources - in a way that it can be shared within communities, but also across communities and networks that are working towards similar goals. Trove is betting that the key to its success will be the focus on helping users collaboratively manage large sets of rich linked data, without having to be fluent in software engineering or even in spreadsheet tools like Airtable.

This is an ongoing project, that I am actively looking to bring into a reality. If you are interested in helping out with this project, feel free to contact me!
I'm actively seeking collaboration with this project to bring it to the next level! Contact me to be involved.
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