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Don't Do Nonsense


A book in memory of Burt Swersey.

There is so little time, and so much to do - I must ask - are you working towards solving the right problems?


Poverty, mental health, climate destruction, access to healthcare - There are thousands of problems in the world, so which ones will you dedicate your life to solving? Just because you can do something - it doesn’t mean you should. Innovation and problem solving can be spun into anything, from make a more efficient weapon to selling more candy. My advice: don’t do nonsense.


In order to find the right problems, you need to learn to think and see the world differently, to understand your values, and to have the creative confidence to take action. 


This book will force you to wear your creativity hat and take out your problem finders toolkit. We all have this ability, and it starts with empathy. You might be frustrated at the state of the world and your responsibility to bring about change. You may feel inspired at the endless opportunities to pursue and things to learn. I spent my life doing what I felt I could to help others - and book is the best shot at sharing the mindset I’ve developed to live a meaningful life - an Inventor’s mindset. This book won't teach you the detailed scientific impacts of ocean acidification or the mechanisms for engineering pollution, neither will it delve into detail of the root cause of homelessness. We hope that after finishing this book you will realize your true potential, and how you can use your skills and creativity to solve these problems. You can do it. I am faithful that you will use this book as a way to look at the world in a more creative way, in order to come up with solutions that can help affect a billion people in need. Our future depends on it.


What is the value that you are creating?

Listen, encourage, engage, smile and suspend disbelief, invest time and effort in others, listen encourage and engage. 

This is an ongoing project, that I am actively looking to bring into a reality. If you are interested in helping out with this project, feel free to contact me!
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