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Veritas - Unbiased News Platform

Web Design
Systemic Problems With Current Media

According to PEW research center, US dialogue is more divided than ever. Media echo-chambers and a concentration of media sources are partly to blame. The consequences of political polarization have an impact on our society and communities:

We’re segregated in our own communities.
We’re less likely to help each other out.
We feel pressure to conform in our groups. (to things that might not even be true)
Deception is more likely.
Gridlock is damaging our government institutions.

Our Group Found A Question
How might we make it easier for consumers of diverse media sources to converge on the truth?

Our brainstorming led us to an idea to pull various news sources together in one place where readers can learn about what's going on in a way that's easily accessible, includes diverse perspectives, and is not too far from where they lean on, so they don't reject these perspectives right away. All the information on the site is also fact checked, and this information will be available to the reader.

In order to combat these issues around media credibility and polarization, we've developed an online platform to help readers more easily and quickly converge on the truth by diversifying their news content. We help readers seek the truth by creating an aggregated news feed that brings in content from an array of news mediums, sources, and perspectives. Our hope is that readers will gain the most informed and holistic understanding of any relevant news events or topic by seeing news stories from the left and right, from and reddit, and from different authors. We organize news stories in categories and sub categories so that you can filter through news sources based off of what current events you want to learn about.

The site has an algorithm that notices your tendency to read certain sources with certain politic bends, for example, it adapts to show you stories that might bring your reading back to the center.

Join us in seeking the truth at Veritas

"We are a nation of people that only watch channels that tell us we are right"

This project is no longer ongoing and decision to not continue was made. If you'd like to pick the project up where I left off, contact me if I can help!
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