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Beldolce Pasta

Product Design

Beldolce's gluten-free pasta is made with just one ingredient - 100% Non-GMO, organic corn. As someone who has been forced to eat gluten-free for the last 10 years, I can confidently say I've never had a pasta that matches the taste/texture. The pasta is made in Italy with 100% Italian-grown flour, and made in a dedicated GF facility.

This project was completed in it's current form.
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I led the development of this product from an engineering, design, and business development lens.

On the product design front, this included developing the brand language, product design and layout, graphic design, and copy. These decisions were all constrained by the requirements to minimize cost and the number of SKUS - so that the product could be sold in multiple stores with different palletization and shelf specifications, while maximizing the packing efficiency and transportation costs. Developing graphics and photography for presentations, online advertisements, and e-commerce listings.

The most challenging aspect of this product was the coordination of the design and artwork, with the manufacturing requirements. Decisions such as where to place the windows, were impacted by supplier requirements and the capabilities and limitations of the manufacturing facilities, for example in order to maintain costs we had to only pack the bags into the box in ways that could be automated, which limited the potential window layouts.

I also led the process of receiving certifications for USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher, and How2Recycle.

We are currently selling this product in BJs Whoesale in the US and actively seeking partnerships with food service, supermarkets, online food stores, and other businesses that are interested in selling/distributing pasta.

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