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Product Design


Gardening has shown to improve our mood, save us money, and strengthen our
connection with food. However, a large chunk of potential gardeners live in
apartments and are confined by a lack of natural sunlight, time to invest in learning
how to garden, as well as both indoor & outdoor space to fit any plants.

With the little space that people do have, many have invested money and time into
setting up indoor gardens, only to have their plants die after a busy week. What this
means it that for many of those who have a desire to grow fresh veggies and herbs
without investing large chunks of their time and space, there are limited options available to them.

We’d like to introduce Furnäture.

Problem & Motivation

To promote sustainable and healthy habits while educating people about nature.

Our Solution

Combining agriculture, technology and design, furnäture is an automated hydoponic gardening system embedded inside of beautiful furnature like an end-table.

Furnäture is a semi-automated urban garden integrated into furniture; hence the name combines the words furnature and nature, with it's emphasis on the danish ä pronounce "Fur nah ture".

Furnäture promotes the fresh food movement by easily providing apartment access to fresh veggies in a compact, beautiful, and space-saving piece.

Our vision is to create social impact on the “future of corporate food order” Furnäture
was conceived based on the vision of increasing local production of food and creating
a social movement for alternative food sovereighty. While Furnäture operates on a
smaller scale in terms of volume of food prouced, it is a first step in our vision:
creating agency of what we eat and how it's grown.

How it Works

Automated aeroponics system is controlled by an intuitive app-based experience. You can control settings of the system and get notified with instructions on any maintenance for the unit including adding nutrients and other things that aren't automated.

This project was completed in it's current form.
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Initial Ideation, Construction of prototype, Arduino prototyping and programming, learning the necessary information about indoor gardening to ensure that the conditions inside of the unit were ideal for the plants to thrive.

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