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Catalist Collective

Systems Design

Catalist is a community of practice and collective of tools with the mission of connecting you to the opportunities, resources, and communities to have a positive impact on the world. The mission is to create social and technical systems that catalyze people into action. The metrics for success are to connect people in the least steps possible to the things that truly resonate with them and will enable them find and achieve what aligns with their individual goals and the collective goals of society.

White Paper on Catalist's Theory of Change

I'm actively seeking collaboration with this project to bring it to the next level! Contact me to be involved.
This is an ongoing project, that I am actively looking to bring into a reality. If you are interested in helping out with this project, feel free to contact me!
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Catalist is the type of project which one could work on for their entire career, so detailing my contributions to this project is quite impossible. Although it has been a constant "side-project" throughout other educational and work experiences since 2016, it feels like the "main project". Although I'm not set on any one solution, Catalist represents an ongoing experiment and quest to attempt to solve the problem of "how can we better connect people to what they are looking for to catalyze positive action". There are an entire set of interconnected problems which make this very difficult to solve, such as information overload, misaligned economic incentives, UI, and privacy.

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