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Cooperation Long Island

Information Architecture

Cooperation Long Island is a collective of individuals and organizations empowered to provide mutual aid.

What is Mutual Aid?

“Mutual aid projects are a form of political participation in which people take responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions, not just through symbolic acts or putting pressure on their representatives in government, but by actually building new social relations that are more survivable.”
- Dean Spade, Big Door Brigade

Why Mutual Aid?

COVID-19 is revealing the failures of the United States economic and political systems.

Amid this unprecedented public health crisis, mutual aid networks are sprouting up across Long Island in an effort to help those who continue to be left behind by traditional political institutions.

Cooperation LI brings together community-based organizations, base-building groups, service non-profits, jail advocates, immigrant rights groups, reproductive healthcare providers, faith organizations, and other community leaders to identify and support the diverse needs of the Long Island community, while centering the needs of traditionally marginalized communities.

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Project Scope

As a founding member of Cooperation LI, I voluteered to lead to wireframing of the UI/UX, information architecture, and website design/development for our needs and requests matching system. This included the brand development, setting up information systems, Zapier automation of information upload from forms into Airtable backend database with process flows for community driven approval process and then automatic upload back to the site.

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