Why Not Change The World (Inspirational)

A Poem

By Vincent Arena

The dream of changing the world and Dread of changing ourselves


We dream of changing the world around us for what we think are the better advances,
But we have little control over our external circumstances.
We tend to fixate on things like our president losing, our economy crashing, and our loved one's passing.
Instead, we must look at what we have ultimate control over - ourselves, everlasting.
Change will not come if we wait for someone else - we are the one's we've been waiting for.
We must go within, start that change for ourselves, as personal growth, not personal war.
But growth goes in both directions - a King or a Hitler, a cell or a cancer, a star or a black hole.
One person could change the world, but only if enough people listen and follow their role.
So why do we follow along with racism, revenge, and hate?
let our tax money destroy not create?
Why do we work for greed, buy for want not need
Oh they're a stranger - so I'm not being mean.
Why do we shop oppression, flip off any micro-aggression, and can't stand our profession?
Why do we call them our loved ones, if we more often fight than love them in succession?
When our children's parents, teachers, and leaders lead them with judgement, and hate, and fear,
Their parents come home and turn on the news to destress, no wonder our kid's empathy has disappeared.
The greatest leaders and mentors act with upmost compassion and pride.
They use love to combat hate, because love is all they have INSIDE.
This is why the most powerful way to take care of others, is to put on our oxygen masks first,
We must first begin to change ourselves, before we change others and judge them for their worst,
You cannot change others, and you cannot change the world for the better, until you truly change yourself first.

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